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In a reality in which language always finds itself at the juncture between simplification and specialization, my purpose is to make it efficient and elegant.

My passion for languages and a deep knowledge of their cultural context enables me to deeply understand details and nuances of languages and translate them in the most precise way.

In this way, translation can be seen as a precision instrument and a way of seeking a balance among different communication worlds.


I provide professional translations in the following language combinations:




I also provide the following linguistic services in ITALIAN:
- Proofreading

- Text revision

- Text transcriptions from audio and video sources

I have specialized expertise in the following sectors:

Business and advertising

(commercial letters, business plans, brochures, advertizing campaigns)

Real estate

(purchase contracts, tenancy contracts, land registry documents, house meeting minutes)


(for cinema and television)


(brochures, catalogues, web pages)

Technical and industrial

(manuals, operating instructions for machinery and production systems)

Journalistic and publishing

(articles, essays about history and philosophy)




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